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Have You Seen the Sea?

This is my amateur attempt at translating "Xagor Dekhisa" - a well known Assamese poem by Dev Kant Barooah. Have you seen the sea? Haven't you ever? I have not either But I have heard Of the blue expanse, the limitless waves Stretching to the far horizon. Have you not witnessed, the sea-blue agony Of my heart? Where a million waves of desire ebb and flow On the shore of your memories. Have you not heard? Have you not heard the furious song Of my stormy sea? Have you not understood? Not even felt, the caressing hint of spring Among the flowers? The rainbow - you must have witnessed, the enchanting play of light On the monsoon clouds But have you seen the play of colours in my heart, Lit by the light of love? Have you heard the heartbreaking cry of the cuckoo Upon awakening at midnight? Ever wondered about the human yearning That cries out from the throat of a bird? I know how much you know! O my heartless one, You only know You are you, I am me. But you do not know, why w